Tim Cummings

Founder & CEO

"I have always been enthralled with electricity, think about it its magic! When we were children my brothers and sisters and I would tape flashlight batteries to wooden rulers, connect wires to a dc lightbulb and make makeshift flashlights. It always mystified me how power could leave the battery and make the light burn brightly. Even today with all our knowledge of science we still do not understand 100% how electricity works.”

Tim entered the electrical industry in 1979 at 19 years old after dropping out of an electrical engineering program. “I was not focused enough then for a formal education,” but he knew he wanted to own his own business someday. Tim had family in the electrical industry, and has always been fascinated by electricity, so it was a semi-natural progression for him. He went through an electrical apprenticeship program for four years - working days and going to night school one night a week as an electrician, the other nights to earn an associate degree in business management.

Tim quickly became a journeyman electrician, and then a supervisor running crews and then projects. He worked hard and continued learning and went through virtually every position one can hold in the electrical industry.

In fall of 2002, Tim took everything he owned and purchased a small electrical firm which was transformed into our current company, Cummings Electrical. “We have created a strong culture in our company and grown it steadily from $6 Million in revenue in 2002 to $200 Million in 2019.”

As Founder and CEO, Tim chairs the advisory board, strategy team and operational leadership team - Driving strategy, enculturating continuous improvement, developing people and leaders, and defining and redefining Cummings’ value propositions.

“I love finding creative ways to solve problems; it gets me fired up daily.” Tim’s major drive is to continue to build an innovative culture and generate new paths for customers and employees - and have a good bit of fun doing so.

Tim is married to his lovely and very patient wife and has a wonderful energetic five-year-old son.

“Spending time with my family is most important when I am away from work…kids sports, rescue mutts, travelling, working out (never enough) and cooking consume our time. I recently began playing the guitar again, though very poorly, and I appreciate the mindfulness and strong core that yoga provides for me.”

Personal vices – hunting, fishing, and playing poker.

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