Safety is our Priority.

Safe Jobs are Our Only Jobs

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility.

Do the
Right Thing

Never put yourself or anyone else in danger. Don't just walk past a hazard or anyone at risk; share the responsibility and take action!

Have a

Drive the team to identify, communicate and control risks before work begins. Safe Jobs don’t happen on their own – it takes a plan

More Than
a Job

Take responsibility so that you and all others go home uninjured and healthy.

Find a
Better Way

Find the safest way to do everything, every day.


Cummings Electrical's Safety Mission is to provide a safe work environment that prevents incidents, accidents and injuries. 

Every employee, supervisor, manager, and executive must make a personal effort to insure that we do not put employees at risk. At no time will we put an employee in a position of unnecessary risk; we will find a less hazardous manner to perform work, or not perform the work at all.

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