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As the Electrical contractor, our design decisions have an impact on every other stakeholder involved in the project. Cummings looks at every decision with a wide scope and an open mind. One simple change has a ripple effect across the other players, and we approach those decisions with an attitude of cooperation and teamwork. We evaluate what is best not only ourselves and our trade, but also for the collective.

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Adding Value. Electrical Efficiency Customized for Each Project

“We take a holistic approach when performing electrical pre-construction on a project. It’s not just about cost - it’s about features and benefits. We customize each project to deliver a solution that is functionally sound and tailor-made to that client. Each situation is unique, and we listen during the pre-construction phase to the priorities and needs of the client and ensure those desires are communicated to the construction team.” - Jerry Beighey

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Cummings was the most important player on the CUP. This project could not have been a success without them.

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