Taking the Necessary Steps to Keep Everyone Healthy

A Priority for our Clients, Partners and Employees

Cummings Electrical: COVID-19 Update

I want to provide you an update on Cummings Electricals’ Coronavirus (COVID-19) response plan and what we are doing to maintain business continuity. This pandemic is creating an environment where rules of behavior are changing daily, and we are remaining flexible yet vigilant in our response. Our number one priority is maintaining a safe environment for our people and partners while minimizing potential disruptions.

Our leadership has been meeting daily to address these challenges, and we have a dedicated task force of leaders who monitor the latest information and adjust our preparedness and response as required. We are adhering to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), as well as following mandates from federal, state, and local governments.

Below are steps we are already employing:

  1. Enhancing cleaning procedures and/or safety protocols in all jobsites and facilities with an emphasis on common and high-traffic areas.
  2. Practicing social distancing techniques in the work environment; six feet of separation is recommended.
  3. Suspending all group gatherings such as live trainings and meetings with employees, suppliers, and clients in favor of conference calls and virtual meeting options.
  4. Alternating staff levels to ensure we meet the needs of our clients as well as provide an environment of safety for our people.
  5. Reducing crews working together on the job site to no more than 10 people.
  6. Educating employees on how to spot symptoms of COVID-19 and the procedures for protecting both the patient and others.
  7. Looking for ways to reduce exposure at chokepoints such as: turnstiles, elevators, restrooms, sign-in locations, hand washing stations, etc. Your support in this area can have a vital impact.
  8. Paying attention to material, labor or other trades creating shortages that will have a definite impact on project completion so we can keep our clients and partners informed.
  9. Reducing the number of work hours to ensure employees are healthy and rested, as well as a means of reducing exposure.
  10. Suspending all entertainment activities with clients and partners.

As of today, our facilities and jobsites remain open for business. If needed, we have contingency plans in place to deal with possible supply, labor, and material shortages.

So there is no lapse in communication, our people are ready to respond to your needs. While we cannot predict every potential disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continually work to minimize those impacts on your business and keep you posted.

Thank you for your business and for the opportunity to serve you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.


Tim Cummings, CEO

817-355-5300  |  www.cummingselec.com